450,000 people per day

135 Million Pedestrians per year

Over 1 Million daily Impressions

#1 Branding Location Worldwide

55 Million Tourists per year

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At center stage

Times Square has become the ultimate venue in New York, and perhaps the country, for numerous unique events and celebrations that take place throughout the entire year. More than 350,000 visitors come to the “Crossroads of the World” every day to witness the spectacle that is Times Square.

TKTS Booth/Duffy Square

Every day more than 10,000 tourists and locals line up to buy discounted tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. A 2008 re-design of Duffy Square (46th and Broadway at 7th Avenue) and the TKTS box office confirmed its status as a New York institution. Since opening in 1973 its visitors have waited for hours, rain or shine, to buy over 55 million discounted tickets.

New Year’s Eve

On December 31, more than 1 million people fill Times Square and over 390 million domestic viewers tune in at home to watch the famous ball descend from atop One Times Square. It’s also the center of a global celebration; watched worldwide by over 1 billion on TV and live streaming.

Metropolitan Opera Opening Night

Since 2005 The Metropolitan Opera has opened its season with an evening of opera in Times Square. 1,500 seats are installed for spectators and thousands more fill the sidewalks and plaza to watch the performance broadcast live on multiple screens.

Taste of Times Square

Every summer, tens of thousands of hungry visitors come to Times Square to sample cuisines from around the world and enjoy live music performances.

Solstice in Times Square/Yoga Event

To celebrate the summer solstice, thousands of participants cover Broadway with their yoga mats and practice a moment of calm in the otherwise energetic Times Square. 

Love in Times Square

Each Valentine’s Day couples come to Times Square for surprise proposals, to renew their vows, or even hold their wedding. Duffy Square (46th and Broadway at 7th Avenue) is host to a giant heart sculpture as a background for it all.

Times Square Kiss-in

Every five years Times Square hosts an event to commemorate the end of the Second World War and to honor all members of the US armed forces. It has become tradition for visitors to re-create the iconic LIFE Magazine photograph of the jubilant sailor surprising a nurse with a kiss.

Live Events and Promotions

Nearly every day of the year there’s a live event or promotion bringing new visitors to Times Square. Live performances, product launches and on-site promotions have made Times Square a must-see for 80% of New York’s annual 53 million visitors.